Home is more than just a place to live

The Southern Wineroute of Palatinate is not only the region we live in and in which we grow our grapes, more than that, these surroundings form a large part of our heritage.

Jacob Theodor, the private physician of the Duke of Zweibrücken who was born in Bad Bergzabern in 1525, already recognised and praised the healthy effect of wine on body and mind. Our brand “Villa Tabernus” is a tribute to him, who called himself “Tabernae Montanus”.

Nothing was able to discourage our forefathers’ passion for wine. Neither the Thirty Years‘ War, in which all vineyards of the region were destroyed, nor the phylloxera plague to which the newly planted grapevines fell victim two centuries later.

This perseverance and the urge to constantly improve and innovate, are qualities still owned by us Palatinatians up to today. Wine styles and grape varieties develop here more openly and dynamically than in many other well-known regions.

Palatinate does not only seduce with its landscape of pretty hills. The local cuisine is also full of original surprises and the sun shines more often than elsewhere, pampering our grapes and soothing our state of mind.

Full of pride, we add a little bit of Palatinate to every bottle of our wine.

Three vintners, one notion

Whilst enjoying a glass of wine together, our common heritage and the shared passion for our product brought forth the wish to share this fortune with the rest of the world:
Wine, full of character, made with craftmanship in the highest quality, should be available for everyone – despite the point of sale. Joining forces and resources was the obvious solution.

One single white-wine cuvee made from classical varieties started the history of MEJS. Due to our ambition, to please every customer with a matching composition, our product range has evolved broadly within the years, harvested from an acreage of 200 hectares.

Continuous evolution is the motor of our success, creating perspectives for future generations, whilst cherishing valuable traditions. With our feet on the ground, our heart on the right spot and the knowledge of our ancestors, the sky is the limit.

By now, we have established various brands – sold in the specific channels, in which each respective customer purchases his wine. We wish to extend this development, to be able to offer each wine lover the pleasure that matters: best quality select Palatinate wine in their glass.

MEJS in the course of time

Already in 1991 the four befriended winegrowers, Manfred Vogel, Eckard Walter, Jürgen Wilker and Stefan Hitziger, start a phytosanitary cooperation. During after work drinks, they discuss the idea of bottling and marketing wine together. In 2001 they formalise their plan, found the company MEJS and the first corporate wine is launched.

2002 the wines of the Villa Tabernus range have their premiere at the ProWein trade fair in Düsseldorf, being presented for sale in the specialised retail.
Since 2005 our wines are a fixed component of the assortment of Jaques Weindepot, with a continuous expansion of the range.
To give wine lovers in our home region of Bad Bergzabern the possibility of getting to know the Villa Tabernus wines, we open a wine store in the city centre in 2007. The company’s head office is located at the same address.
With the launch of the brand Valentin Vogel exclusively for the retailer Netto, we create our first private label for a supermarket and are able to approach a completely new clientele.

In 2011, first steps in export are taken and our specially designed brand Dragonfly goes on its way to China. From 2012 we also deliver our wines to Sweden.
Meanwhile the company outgrows its facilities and new premises are needed. The wine store is closed by 01-01-2013. The company’s new home at Bahnhofstraße 9 in Bad Bergzabern includes an office with two workspaces, a conference room, a warehouse for 300.000 bottles of wine and a cellar with 300 oak barrels.

At the end of 2015, Eckhard Walter leaves the quartet for personal reasons.
In 2016, the business portfolio is extended with two wine shops in China. The export to Shanghai and Wuxi takes place under the name DWV-Deutscher Weinvertrieb Villa Tabernus.