Custom brands

Beside impeccable quality, service is our largest priority

Each target group has its own identity and its own approach towards a product, concerning the content of a bottle as well as its appearance. With a good sense for the aspirations of our customers, flexibility and pleasure in distinctive concepts, we offer custom solutions:

Starting with a private label on a selection of our established wine qualities, up to an exclusively composed range of specialities, individually vinified to the customer’s request.
No matter if concerning an easy-drinking wine for every day consumption or a complex indulgence for a special occasion – each of our wines offers the highest quality within its league.

Please also feel free to choose products from our existing brand portfolio.

Here are some examples:

Villa Wilker,  Die Vier Südpfälzer,  Villa Hitziger,  Weinmacher Vogel

>> Let us know, what your wishes are