So many reasons to celebrate! And we are particularly pleased about Gold and Silver for the wines of the brand Villa Grünberg, which were created exclusively for Getränke Hoffmann GmbH.

A perfect market launch!

Our award-winning wines:


2017 Spätburgunder – Blanc de noir       –        Villa Grünberg

2017 Riesling-Muskateller                       –        Villa Grünberg

2017 Grauer Burgunder (2 x)                  –        Villa Tabernus


2017 Riesling trocken                         –        Edition Valentin Vogel

 2016 Cuvée Rot                                 –        Edition Valentin Vogel

 2017 Riesling                                     –        Villa Tabernus

 2017 Weißer Burgunder                     –        Villa Tabernus

 2017 Grauer Burgunder                     –        Villa Grünberg

 2017 Dornfelder-Merlot                      –        Villa Grünberg

 Here you find an overview of our spring awards 2018.