At the end of August, 20 agency owners, accompanied by a team from the the Jaques’ Weindepot headquarters, visited us, to learn more about the work in a vineyard and the winery.


Strolling through the vinyard, the newly planted vines were admired with astonishment about how much the plants grow within the first six months. An interesting experiment was determining the sugar concentration of the grapes with a refractor meter. Seeing that this visit coincided with our first harvest day, there was the opprotunity to see the harvester return to the winery and watch the first grapes plunge into the press.

After the many impressions of the busy day of a wine producer, there was, of course, an extended wine tasting, followed by local specialities from the barbecue. The warm summer night offered the perfect entourage for interresting conversations, before heading home again.

Thank you for being with us!